The First Solo Exhibition by Paul Lock
The First Solo Exhibition by Paul Lock
Paul Lock is an artist who started to create with a brush six years ago. Already now, he has his debut solo exhibition at the Noho Showrooms where he presents ...

Reading Art News in the Modern World

You open the next issue of a random magazine, sitting somewhere in the cabin of an airplane or in a cafe, stumble upon art world news of another deal at an auction, where the picture of a “famous modern artist” got off the lot for a few million dollars, and don’t understand what’s going on? There is no limit to your perplexity because you can’t call it a familiar picture: a couple of strokes, four dots, or even a rugged canvas. How can this be explained?

Contemporary art is a big part of global culture. It is essential to understand it, understand the sources and meanings, enjoy the exhibitions of contemporary artists, and feel comfortable there.

The modern world is very complex, full of meaning and information. Perhaps this is why artists are trying to find a form that can attract the elusive gaze of the viewer, hold it up, shock it, and have time to convey the message. Maybe you should not compare modern and classical art. Contemporary art is not worse; it is different.

Freedom to Travel

Traveling around Europe without knowing anything about ancient and medieval art is the same as walking around a museum with eyes closed. Incompetent travel agencies build routes, guided by their interests, which do not coincide with our interests, which, however, we very often simply do not know. We’re going where they are taking us, we look where they point.

A person that read visual art articles is unlikely to spend time on the paths trodden by tourists. To look, for example, at the French Gothic, he will not crowd at Notre Dame but go to Saint-Quentin, Amiens, Noyon, Beauvais, Senlis, Soissons and Sens (not far from Paris), whose cathedrals are in no way inferior Quasimodo. Acquaintance with the Loire Castles for him will not be limited to Chaumont and Chenonceau (it is also Tavant, Poitiers, Gartanp, Amboise, Saumur, Blois – and this is not even half).

Considering the picture on the museum wall, you need to understand for which place it was created: an altar, a high society room, an exhibition, or for the shocking. And how nice to be able to restore the environment in which the work of art was created. The visual art news appears together with any other news, you can find interesting art articles about the art news UK and find out everything you need.